Photon Energy Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation aiming to stimulate the development of local communities through electrification of rural regions using only clean and safe solar solutions. 

Being awarded an official ANBI status in the Netherlands not only allows us to grant tax exemption to our donors and partners, but also imposes strict regulations on the Foundation’s operations, requiring us to designate at least 90% of our resources to actual project implementation.

Stichting Photon Energy Foundation can be found in the Dutch registry here

ANBI status is a notable sign of recognition. It serves as another proof that we shall happily fulfill our mission of bringing clean and affordable energy to the people worldwide!

To do so, we are constantly broadening our portfolio of projects to be supported and realised while exploring energy needs of remote communities globally. Currently there are over a dozen projects in the development and due diligence phase.

To learn more about our mission, objectives and projects underway see our actual Policy Plan.

Contact us

T   +31 20 240 2570
T   +420 775 861 732

Stichting Photon Energy Foundation 
Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083 HN Amsterdam

Stichting Photon Energy Foundation 
Account number: 6654500
IBAN number: NL06 INGB 0006 6545 00 

ING Nederland  
De Entree 201
1100 DX Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

* Photograph by Kamworks